Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick #609 AUBERGINE Swatch and my big Dissapointment

Finallyyy... I'm back :D
Shopped a bit when I back home. My sister is crazy about this brand right now. Max Factor.... I guess new counter?? (not sure but I didn't notice the counter last year), anyway they have counter in Tunjungan Plasa (MDS) and Galaxy Mall (centro)- (Surabaya).
So the story is... my sis recommend Max Factor lippie a lot, so I'll decide to check out the counter and I fall in love with this color

A dark red lipstick <3 <3 

It's a really nice dark red lip color. 
In the mood of autumn <3
The lipstick has a nice scent of vanilla, it's pigmented, long lasting, and didn't dry out my lips. 
and it's affordable. 
Bought it at 87,500 IDR @ Centro Galaxy Mall 

As you can see, the EXPIRY DATE is '014 (which I believe it's saying 2014) 
bought this lipstick on October 3rd,2013. Which is mean when I bought it, and paying full price for this product, I got the product that would be expired in 3 months!!!! 
I noticed the label when I got home and I felt so disappointed, so a day after that I went back to centro, and directly went to customer service and told them that I want to return the product, and I'm telling the reason, and show them the expiry date written on the label. 

Honestly, the customer service didn't help at all, she just took me to Max Factor's counter and let me speak directly to their Beauty Assistant. When I said my point about the expiry date listed on the label..... (it's just getting worst), the BA answered, that manuf date and expiry date doesn't mean anything, it's written for no reason, the most important is the time when you open the lipstick cap and used it. So the day you open and used the lipstick plus 36 months just like the label under it. 

I just couldn't believe it I heard that explanation from a BEAUTY ASSISTANT......!!!!!! WHAT THE....?????? Did she know that all of the cosmetic products has shelf life? even tough you don't open or use the product but after 3 or 4 years of manufacturing date, It will be EXPIRED!!!! 
After heard that explanation.... I just felt even worst!!! I just asked the CS who stand beside me, If you were me, bought this lipstick and read the label of expiry date, would you be disappointed just like me? and she just nodded. Nodded but couldn't do anything...... T.T

If you were me.... how would you feel?
Thanks for reading <3



  1. lol....well, trying using it as much as you can before it does expire, some people say even though it expires it may still be alright to use them for a while before ditching it.

    1. hahah yes, but discount would be great or at least informed me before I bought it T.T

  2. wah parah ya kak, ga ada tanggung jawabnya juga x_x yg ada malah mengecewakan, sayang sekali ya padahal udah beli ~.~


  3. coba twit ke official twitter max factor aja dear. hope they have the best solution for you ;)

    1. oh iya ya, waktu itu nggak kepikiran, would try it. Thank you :D

  4. welcome back!!
    missed your posts :)
    lovely shade..too bad the date :(

  5. Another perfect shade for the colder months :)