Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pa Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

Helloo... It's been long time since I blog about nail polish.
Last week bought few of Pa nail polishes. Bought it from Cosmed - next to Xihu MRT station (I don't think all of Cosmed have this brand). It was on sale for 15% off  (yeayy!!!), so these what I bought

All of nail polishes in 6 ml

From left to right; AA77, AA75, A138,A15


Nude mud brown.
I was expecting it more creamier, but it end up to be more glossy 
but still a pretty nude 

A138 (artificial light)
One coat of A138 on top of A15 
So pretty, it's shimmery nude brown <3 <3 love these duo 

I really love these duo (A15+A138)
So pretty under the light, even on daylight
(This picture on daylight)
The shimmer is so pretty, not too over, but you still can see the blink blink of it <3

Metallic purple 
It has a bit shimmer in it

Turquoise green 
It's one shade darker in the bottle
so I was expecting it to be darker green, the x'mas kind of green 
 It's turn out to be more turquoise, but still pretty :D

In all of the picture I put 2 coats of polish without top coat.

My First Impression about this nail polish; 
1. Really impress with their quick drying formula 
2. The formula is perfect for me not too thick not to runny
3. They have various range of colors 
4. Stay long on my nails (2 days without chipping-considering the house chore I have to do and I didn't put top coat on it)
5. Price is also affordable 

Correct me, If I'm wrong, I think Pa is Japanese brand but all of these nail polishes are made in France. 
Have you heard about this brand? 

Have a great weekend 
and thank you for reading my blog <3


  1. Thanks for inspiring :)

  2. the swatches are really nice but the nude and turquoise green is really nice!!
    two coats of these polishes looks like the just the right amount :)

    i'm not sure if they sell it here but it would nice to try it out ... lol

  3. Lovely Post!! I really want to buy them now :3 Just followed you :D please follow back if you have time <3

  4. I've never tired Pa, but I have heard great things. I loved the purple colour the most. Loved your review, might have to go see for myself now :) x
    Heroine In Heels