Thursday, January 16, 2014

SKINFOOD Pomegranate Lipstick #PK03 Review and Swatch

I've been wanting to try lipstick with SPF in it and a while ago (yes, bought this lipstick around 4 months ago) spotted that SKINFOOD has this line Pomegranate lipstick with SPF 10 in it. 

The new one has plastic seal all over it 

Inside the tube there's letter "pomegranate lipstick" stamp on the lipstick bullet.
I chose PK03 
(I don't know what's the name since I don't understand Korean)
but when you googling the name of PK03 is 
'Chic Sparky Pink'
but don't know, not sure about it. 
In Skinfood's Taiwan website PK03 name is 嬰兒粉 (Baby Pink)

Swatch on my hand 

Swatch on lips

*I did apply lip balm on bare lips 

I love this kind of pink lips 
The strawberry milky kind of pink <3 
not too pale and too bright, very ideal for daily use 

My first impression of using it, it dried up my lips, because I forgot to apply lip balm before, so my bad. The second time I used it, my lips was fine since I put my lip balm before. 

What I love about this lipstick;
- It has SPF 10 (the ultimate reason I bought this lipstick)
- It has range of colors (11 variances) 
- It has slightly pomegranate scent in it (not too strong), found it very relaxing. 

What I don't like 
- The price is a bit higher than other's range of collection (in Taiwan they sold @590 NT)
- It's not moisture enough for me, I have to make sure to put lip balm before using this. 
- It's not as long lasting as my innisfree or 3CE lipstick

Have you tried this lipstick?

Thank you for reading <3  



  1. warnanya bagus yaa tp syg ga than lama, dan aku krg suka lisptik yg ada bau2nya aplagi aroma buahh ato yg mnis2 :3 jauhkan darikuuu, >.<

    My Butterfly Fly Away

    1. aaah too bad, tp kayaknya semua lipstick punyanya skinfood ada bau baunya heheheh

  2. I am so jellous! The packaging looks amazing and I did love how it looked on your lips. I have always wanted to try Korean Makeup but here in Ohio I can't find the great products.

  3. Thank you dear, love your blog too, and congrats for your pregnancy. Follow you back <3

  4. this color looks really good here. i think i need to try more of skinfood's color cosmetics. i've only used their skincare before.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Try their vita tok lipstick and nail polishes, they're really worth it <3

  5. I love skinfood products, this looks nice :3