Thursday, January 22, 2015

Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha ADN02 Swatch (Matte Nail Polish)

Hello Dazzlers, 
As series of Skinfood ADN01, the matte collection, today I'm going to swatch ADN02 

ADN02 (2 coats no top coat) 
is a soft pastel blue matte polish 
what fascinate me about this polish 
is that it has glitter in it (considering it matte) 
It has silver blue shimmer in it. 
As a result the matte won't look so dull on the pic 
but give you a bit of glow

This jeans collection is a matte polish 
start with the palest white blue then going to dark blue 
Stay tune for the rest of collection swatch <3

Thank you for reading 
<3 <3 <3


  1. Absolut beautiful shade!

    Greets from the edelfabrik

  2. This colour is stunning! It'll look so pretty in the summer as well. It's really opaque as well, which is great!

    Did it last long before it chipped?

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xx

    1. Too bad I didn't let it last long on my nails since I change my nails really quick, but it bare with me for 2 days without chipping