Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Nail Polish Review and Swatches #CGR Green Collection

Hellooo, can't believe it's August already, before summer is end, I finally completed my Etude House Color Pop Nail Polish Collection ^.^

1 coat 

2 coat 

CGR701-2coat no top coat
Yellow green polish

It's also Yellow green polish, but more on green side rather than CGR701 which has more yellow in it.

CGR703- 2 coat no top coat
Soft pastel green polish

This is the most frustrating polish for me. 
The color is seriously pretty, my fav from the bunch, but when I photographed it, the color just not like in the real life (sorry for my amateur technique!!!!)

In the photo, it seems like it's one shade darker than CGR703, but it's not. 
In real life, this green color is a bright green polish almost like a neon green.

For comparison;
Photo on the left I took from Etude House website and on the right is my own photograph. 
See how the color is so different ( I think it's 'cause of my poor photograph technique). 
In the real life CGR704 is almost the same color with the photo I took from Etude House, but in the picture it's look creamy and dull, but in the real life it's not.
This color is such a pretty bright Green. 
You have to swatch it on your nail to understand what I mean ^.^

Soft baby blue polish

What I love about Color Pop Collection is they're popping and vivid colors, and if you're so into ombre nails. This collection is perfect, they have 10 polish and divided to 2, green version or blue version. 

I don't know if it's only my polish or all of them has the same problem. I found out that the green polish formula a a bit thicker than the blue one. For me CGR701 and CGR702 are the most difficult to work with. The formula a bit thicker and streaky, even though it can be even out on second layer. 

What do you think? Are you Green team or Blue team? 

Thank you for reading ^.^
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  1. warnanya cakep :)


  2. I like this collection! So perfect for spring and summer

    Great reviews hon ❤



  3. Aku punya CGR704 memang susah di foto karna warnanya teal ;) I'm definitely on blue team! :)

    1. Sameee hahah. The blue variation will be great for this fall season ^.^

  4. Very nice, cool and tidy! itu pake top coat kah yg paling bawah? :)


    1. No top coat at all ^.^
      Warnanya pigmented banget yg color pop. Love those nail polishes.

  5. wow!! so jelly!!!
    I really love Etude House, but they don't sell it in Australia :(
    check out my blog maybe please?

  6. Hi! Your style is amazing and your nails are perf! BTW, would you like to exchange blog buttons with me?

    Check it out please anaazarcon.blogspot.com