Saturday, April 27, 2013

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Lip Pigment Review

Hello, today I'm gonna review about this fun and amazing lip pigment from 3 Concept Eyes (3CE)- it's Korean brand cosmetics. At first I didn't know about this brand or the creator or anything about it, but since I'm watching too much youtube... and their advertisement always appear on the small windows, so I checked it out, but I think the price is quite expensive so I just closed it down.
Last week, my favorite online shop in Taiwan also has this brand and on sale (I got mine @ 399 NT), so I decided to buy some ^.^
I bought 3 lip pigments; #Electro pop, #Wild Yellow, and #Modern Yellow

I LOVE this lip color. Bright pink with blue tone in it, it's so pigmented. The color on the packaging almost the same with the lip color inside, just like I expected ^.^  
The texture is like watercolor paint, make it easy to blend

*Back packaging, too bad it's don't have english translation. 

 My Bare lips 

*Trying Wild Yellow on my lips 

I saw on their website and youtube that you can mix the lip pigment color, and it's the fun of it, there are 7 choices of lip pigments and they also give you some of idea of how to mix it. Check it here. So basically you can create your own color of lipstick the way you want. Make me feel like I am the professional Make up artist hahah. How cool is that???? 

I'm trying to mix #Wild yellow and #Electro Pop. I'm using back of my hand and apply it with lip brush. Wild yellow + electro pop = Bright coral pink, I loveee the colorrrr!!!

Then I'm trying #Electro pop + #Modern White ;

What I love about this product; 
1. It's so pigmented, easy to blend 
2. Don't have scent in it, so for scent sensitive person, this lip pigments are good!!!
3. Don't dry out my lips 
4. Long lasting, barely need touch up 

What I don't like;
Hmmm there are not really a thing that I don't like about this product. No english translation might be? but I don't think that's a problem since they give enough information of how to use it on their website and youtube( click here for how to use lip pigment ). I'm really satisfied with this product. Rating it 5 out of 5. Just a little advice, shake it before using it ^.^

Thanks for reading.


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    1. aku belinya di ol shop taiwan sini sab, kalau webnya 3CE nya kurang tahu dia ada worldwide shipping nggak hehehe, sorry ya.

  2. minta link olshopnya dong

    1. hi, ini link ol shop taiwannya ^.^;_ylt=AsFka_0qeS4u_UlANM3RpQj9Nx4J

  3. I've heard a lot about this product, but I don't know if I should buy or not, the fact that I have to squeeze it out and mix the colors sounds a little messy to me. Don't you think so?

    1. That's the fun of it hahaha, but if you like to touch up your lip, it's kinda troublesome

  4. omg i want yellow lips!!!

    if you get a sec idd loveee if you could take a look at my blog

    1. ahhaha yeah it's fun color and I'm feeling like Jlo in her 'live it up' MV :P

  5. Jadi kepingin beli!! ><
    Nice review!^^ itu brp ml ya?^^