Friday, December 28, 2012

New years nail. Half manicure glitter nails

We're counting down the days to welcoming a new years, 2013 and this is my nails for new years 

and these simple steps of how I do it. I use circle color label stickers

First steps, I use OPI matte nail envy as base coat then apply 2 coats of OPI DS coronation (DS 025)

2nd steps, put the sticker on half of my nails 

3rd steps, color other half with 2 coats of OPI DS mystery and OPI sparkle-licious.
Last step, after all dry, just remove the stickers and add a top coat, and then finish, just that simple ^^

I decided for glitter nails, 'cause I wish my 2013 will become a happy sparkling years.

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