Friday, January 4, 2013

The Face Shop Nail Pack Review

There are 3 kinds of nail pack, the lemon for the brightening, the paraffin for moisture, and the milk calcium for strengthening, I chose the milk calcium ^^

at the back of the packaging there are the list of ingredients and how to use it.  It came with 10 pieces of nail mask. 5 for left and 5 for right.
My nails before 

 Within 5 masks, there is 1 mask a bit bigger than the others, which is designed for the thumbs. The masks are really wet and smells so good.  

 There are lots of left over essence in the packaging, so I just use it for the rest of the hand palms, and even my feet ^^. After 10-15 minutes just open the mask, and i gave my nails and hand a little massage, just for the essence to soak in. 

My nails after. My nails, fingers and hand looks so bright and smooth. I'm really impress with this nail pack. As for the price, I feel it's quite cheap I got mine around 50 nt (Taiwan dollar). Really recommended!!  

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