Monday, January 21, 2013

Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails review

I'm sure, most of you already heard of Etude House's Etoinette collection, so I grab the nail series from that collection

They have 2 choices of nail set from this collection. I got mine in #01 Versailles Rose

and the other one that I didn't buy is purple based color 
*this pic I got from Etude House Taiwan website:

Anyway, let's look inside the box :

We have 3 nail polishes: Mint Leaf, White Rose Dew, Water Rose (from left to right)  @ 4ml and 1 sheet of nail sticker (but I would call it nail tattoo- cause you have to soak in the sticker first in order to use it) 

The swatches:
Mint Leaf, White Rose Dew, Water Rose (from left to right)- 2 coats without top coat, no flash and taken indoor.
I love mint leaf color so much, It's pastel green but it has gold shimmer in it, so beautiful. The water rose, it's pastel coral pink color, the color didn't flatter my skin, It looks off for my skin. 

For mint leaf and water rose 2 coats + 1 coat of white rose dew, and for the middle finger 3 coats of white rose dewe, without top coat, no flash and taken indoor.
WOW!! I love the GLITTER (white rose dew) so much, the glitter are mix of small round, big round chunky and even square gold glitter. I LOVE IT!!!. This glitter make the water rose (my index finger) looks very pretty (I love it with the glitter, not to wear it alone). 

In conclusion: 
What make me love this nail pack;
  1. The color combo are pretty, it's feel like spring/summer
  2. The Glitter nails are amazing 
  3. The bottle are slim and light, make it easier to carry on for traveling 
  4. The princess craving on top of the bottle make it look so cute and girly (and the cap is pink ^.^)
  5. They gave nail tattoo instead of cheap nail sticker
The cons:
- The price is slightly expensive than the other series pack. As far as I know they usually sold nail pack (as dolly 3 steps nails series, juicy cocktail series) for 290 nt and for this collection I got mine for 380 nt.   Is it over pricing?

What do you think? Do you also like Etude House Etoinette collection?

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