Saturday, January 12, 2013

GG Taeyeon 'I Got a Boy' Photos Book Inspired Nail

Have you seen Girl Generation (SNSD- we call them that in Taiwan - translation from their chinese group name) - I Got a Boy MV? I really like that song lately ^^ , then I saw this pic on the net 

I love her nails ^^

So I try it ^^ , and my version like this 
Hope you all like it ^^

These are steps how I draw the cat
  1. First outline the ears and cat's head (I'm using dotting tools) then just fill in the space with black nail polish
  2. I draw the ears first (just draw triangular on both sides) 
  3. Then heres comes the eyes
  4. Finally just dot a green polish for the pupil and draw line at the center of it and we finish for the cat^^. 
In this nail I use 
1. dotting tools 
2. OPI morning glory (from the skullicious collection) for black nails 
3. Bourjois So laque in color Bleu Fabuleux (60) for middle and ring fingers
4. First Kiss brush on nail art paint in white for the cat's eyes
5. OPI Mermaid Tears for the cat's pupils 
6. Bling2x (Stars and gold circle) 

I really love 'I Got a Boy' song I can hear it all day hahahhah, How about you? Do you also Girls Generation's fans?


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