Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple Snake Skin Nail art (Stamping Nail)

Chinese New Year 2013 - The year of Water Snake.
So excited about this coming years, cause there will be a longgg holiday in here, Taiwan. So to celebrate the chinese new year I try the snake skin nail, I use 2 different methods. 

The first method: 

1. I paint 2 coats of china Glaze 'Nude' 
2. Then used a garlic or vegetable net wrapped around my finger
3. Then using a sponge I dabbed OPI 'Pros&brons' and 'Warm&Fozzie' all over the nail 
4. finally I use Konad stamping nail M57 plate then sec he vite top coat  and this is the final result:

The 2nd method I used, is very simple, just use the sponge and dabbed OPI 'Pros&brons' and 'Warm&Fozzie' all over the nail 
*Ops, the glitter can be very messy

And here is the result;
So easy and simple right ^.^
Are you also excited for the Chinese New Year? what will be on your nails?


  1. sukaaa.. >.<
    thanks for sharing ^^

  2. cantik banget nail artnya..hehe..creative deh...=)
    beli dong maybelline nya, kalo uda nyampe indo..kalo ga,