Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chinese New Year Nails (Water Decal)

My chinese new year's nail using water decal :

My right hand:
I added a lady decal on my right hand
 *Ops, awkward hand pose 

I used: 
1. Ble nail stickers (water decal) 
2. OPI nail envy matte as base coat
3. Nature Republic nail polish in PK202-2coats (pale pink for base color -Thumb,index,middle,and pinky fingers)
4. OPI You rock-apulco RED! 2 coats (for ring finger)
5. OPI A Rose at dawn... Broke by noon for sponging (Thumb,index,middle,and pinky fingers)
6. Face it BR802 in gold color ( sponge it on all nails) for glitter gold effects 
7. Seche-vite top coat

Hope you all like it ^.^ 


  1. They look lovely!

  2. this is awesome! keep posting dear.

    *new follower, wanna check my blog?


    1. thank you ^.^ , you also have nice blog.
      Following you too.
      So nice to know you :D