Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint Review and Swatch in #SEOUL and #BALI

Finally, I can write a new blog post, after 2 weeks of painful stomach flu....dangggg.....
Today I'm gonna blog about my new favorite lip tint collection from Aritaum
My sister helped me to buy this when she went to Korea last year. 
I want this 2 colors is because of their name on the cap. 
I chose Seoul (the city I want to visit the most) and Bali (as representative of my country) 
My sis bought it at 9,000 KRW each 

Swatches on my hand 

Swatches on my lips 
After 2 weeks of flu, my lips getting a bit dry but this tint conquer it all 
hahahah, it's so moist...... 

They have total of 10 variance colors for this collection, but I think 
the colors in reality are far different from the ad poster 

I'm in love with this Seoul 
The color has hint of pink, red, and coral. 
It's so moist, but this one didn't last long on me. 
It completely gone within 3 hours 

Bali is screaming out SUMMER!!!
this orange tint really remind me of sunset on the beach 
This one is crazily pigmented and last longer than Seoul 

Basically, I love this product. 
I love the packaging, with the country name and hint of colors on the cap,
It's so moist  
No sticky feeling at all 

The only thing I found a bit annoying is the scent. 
It has a fruity scent and quite strong, so depends on the mood, 
sometimes I can get away with it, but sometimes just feel the scent quite annoying :P

What do you think of this collection?

Thank you for reading 


  1. so pretty!
    Bali! Its where I live xD
    lol idk Bali that popular in Korea :D
    Nice post^^


    1. Thank you, I bought bali because of its name hahaha

  2. Pretty colors, but I think Seoul is prettier than Bali ^^

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