Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Faceshop Ink Lipquid #PK04 Swatch & Review

Hi Dazzlers, 
Today I have another lip product review from The Faceshop. It's their new lipstick collection call Ink Lipquid  

Mine is PK04 Pink hommage / Rose hommage 
(I don't know why they have 2 english name) 
I LOVE LOVE the lip tube 
It looks like laboratory experiment bottle 
and the see through color in the middle 
(I just think this packaging quite unique)

This lipquid is using a wand 
(just a typical universal wand- nothing special)
Sorry I forgot to take a pic of this wand :p

 Right to swatches
The swatch on my hand, it looks like lip gloss and very shiny 
but this Ink Lipquid actually work like tint 
but with better pigmentation 
as you can see the swatch on my lips, 
it's not shiny like lipgloss 

The color looks intimidating on the tube 
but it's a cherry pink color 
not too bright
and still can be use for casual occasion 

I think this Ink Lipquid 
really remind me of 
(honestly it's kinda the same product but 
with more chic packaging )

What I love about this 
1. The packaging!!!! 
2. 12 color of choices (quite a lot) 

What I don't like 
1. It's a bit expensive (550 NT ) 
2. It's has a sweet fruity scent 
3. and it has that sweet bitter TASTE
4. Staying power is average (gone after eat and drink)

So if you are tint lovers, 
you should grab this, 
especially with such as cool lip tube <3 

What do you think?


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