Friday, September 25, 2015

Stripes Nails

Hi Dazzlers
Long timeeeee no see :P
Hope you all miss me <3
It's really been a long time since I updated my blog. Been really busy this summer holiday, traveling packing and I think I've been quite harsh with my nails. Anyway it's quite a month after I back to Taiwan and seeing my ugly nails I decided to go to nail salon to get the cuticle treatment.
Unfortunately........ gosh 3 of my nails are bleeding (around the cuticle) after the treatment.... I just so speechless so I wait till now to do the nail art

Anyway, for starter I chose the simple one :D

What I use : 
1. Skinfood ADN01 as base color 
2. but for my ring finger I use Anna Sui Minnie Mouse 02 as base color 
3. using smoosh technique I mix Anna Sui Minnie Mouse 300 and Skinfood ADN02 
4. Stamping using hehe plate 015 
5. Hehe plate 014 (the black bow) 
6. Final step Seche vite top coat 

What do you think? 
Have a nice weekend


  1. LOOOVE these nails! *__* Does nail treatments hurt? I've never gotten my nails done, and now I'm scared to go... D:

    1. Thank you <3
      It's not supposed to be hurt or bleed. I think the manicurist a bit too rush and she might be a trainee.