Friday, July 4, 2014

Etude House Bunny Nail Swatch and Review #2, #3, #4, & #5

Etude House.... here e go again ... this summer they also come out with cute bunny nail. For nail lovers check this out!!!

Ain't that cute??? 
The cap of the bottle looks like bunny's ears 

They gave you a simple nail art idea at the back of the box 

The black polish isn't regular nail polish 
I mean it's not come with regular brush but
it's nail strip brush
and the other one is nail glitter consist of circle and bunny glitter
and the brush came out to be spatula made from rubber plastic. 

 My nail art result:
Not very happy with the result
The bunny's ear keep sticking out 


The pink one is regular brush 
and the silver is nail strip brush 

My nail art
I love how girly this pink nail come out <3

Same like #3 
The red color is brush and the gold one is nail strip 

 My nail art
You'll never go wrong with red and gold <3 <3
The red color is the perfect red that suit every color tone 

The minty green is brush 
and the gold glitter came with rubber spatula 

My nail art 
It can be so messy while doing this nail art, but 
it worth it, the glitter so amazingly sparkling. 

This set is my most favorite from the bunch. 

If I put the order of my favorite would be 
#5 (the green set), #4 (red set), #3 (Pink set), and #2 (black set)

My thought about this product...
1. I love the packaging so so cute. It looks good to put it on the table for a display (yeah that's me... I display my nail polish collection on my table :p  )
2. If you're new to nail art, this nail kit so handy, kinda give you a really quick idea to get a great easy nail art
3. The nail formula is perfect and dry very fast. 
4. My only complain is the nail strip, in my opinion it's too short, I prefer longer, and second is the price... I think the price quite high for this kit. I bought mine for 225 NT (Original price 250 NT got membership discount) 

What do you think of this kit?
Would you like to buy it?

Thank you for reading 

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  1. love the rose gold combination :)