Tuesday, July 29, 2014

RIMMEL Salon Pro #337 PURPLE RAIN Swatch & Review

Happy Eid Mubarak for my Moslems friends.
Today I want to show you swatch of RIMMEL Salon Pro #337 Purple Rain

Notice something special??
Yeap this nail polish with avec LYCRA 

So what is lycra?
LYCRA is a man-made elastane fiber.
It has unique stretch and recovery properties 
(Got it from here )

So what it has to do with nail polish?
by adding lycra in it, it make the polish 
more flexible and stretchable.
The formulation would cover base coat, 
top coat, and would have shinning finish as gel polish
and the best thing is it's long wear!!!
Heard it can last for 10 DAYS.....


DAY 1 
337 is jelly based purple polish 
2 coat without top coat 
It really has a really shinny finished 

My first impression:
The Formula is a bit hard to work with, I seem can't get it even on 
1st coat so I need 2 coat for this, but as you can see 
on my index finger, it still a bit uneven. 

The drying time also take a bit longer than 
OPI, Etude House, Revlon

The brush
Large round brush 

 DAY 2

It still has a bit of shine on it, no chipping. 
but the thing that make me frustrated was 
There are lots of scratch on top of it

I can't stand it so I took it off on day 4 
'till day 4 it's still good no chipping. 

I feel I can give this polish a second chance 
or I might get another color just to compare 
(I had my eye on the blue one- forget the name, but it was sold out)

Bought this at WATSONS Taiwan 
 (but not every store has it)

Have you ever use this nail polish?
What do you think?

Thank you for reading


  1. wow cute color XD I like it. I wanna try this color


    1. Yes I agree, the color is so cute, but don't forget to use top coat for this nail polish :D