Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Review

Hello Dazzlers 
Today I want to share random review of Born Pretty Store nail stamping plates. 
They were having a big sale on October 23rd 2014(only for one day) where all of their stamping plates are on sale for $0.99 per plate, so I ordered all of the plates (25 plates for $24.75). 

I received my plate Yesterday, October 28th 2014. It's quite fast delivery, I'm impressed. Only 5 days to get here (Taiwan). So excited that I directly tried it last night. 

BP-01 It's the first plate I tried 
since X'mas is coming soon 
At first the small pine tree, the ice flower, Santa images on top 
come out nicely 
then the second row....
The images quite big. The size is 1.2cmX1.6cm
I used Winstonia stamper (the one with big white rubber)
then.... I couldn't pick up the image. It's so hard 
to work with. As you can see the second row 
x'mas tree image, it's not perfect and I'm telling you 
it's my result from stamped it so many of failure times!!! 
and the lace and snow flowers didn't pick up at all. So I move on to other plate 
like BP16 and I'm having the same problem 
My stamper won't pick up the image 
then BP11- it's also the same 

Then I tried this BP03 
Since they have smaller images. 
So at that time I was thinking that might be 
the bigger images are hit and miss but 
they're quite good with the smaller images. 
See the first row is perfect. The rose, lamp are quite pretty. 
Then I stamped the second row, and it's quite good 
you know why? 
because I was using the Konad stamper 

Well, not losing my faith.... 
So I did the BP-11 again using Konad stamper and see.... 
the result are quite good!!!!!

This for comparison when I used Winstonia stamper 
It drove me crazy and those are after so many attempts. 

BP-15 using Konad stamper too 
even tough the Marilyn and phoenix images are not 100% perfect 
but I can say it's work 

Also using Konad stamper 
the images are perfect 

After randomly trying it yesterday, 
This is my first time having this kind of problem 
My Winstonia stamper didn't work, well 
it's haven't been long time since I'm using it 
but I didn't have any of this issues while using winstonia for Moyou or CICI&SISI plates 
oh ya, almost forgot "the gray rubber" stamper also didn't work.
The only stamper that work is Konad one 

I want to hear from you all 
whether you have this kind of problem or not 

For now, knowing that this plate only work with Konad stamper 
hmmm with this bundle price  (25 plates for $24.95) 
I think I can let this issue go 
but, hoping they can work better for their plates in the future 

Thank you for reading 
See you on next post 



  1. This is a very interesting issue. It could be the polish being too thing or drying too fast on you, the way you scrappe (angle and all) and even the etching plate. I have one of those QA plates that stamped differently depending the stamper. Surprisingly, the double-sided konad one was the one leaving me with pale and not-so-crisp images, whe is well known that that stamper works perfectly with everything.

  2. This is cool I want to try!