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Collaboration: Three Types of Cardigan and How to Rock Them with Style - Lookbook Store

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Three Types of Cardigan and How to Rock Them with Style

Cardigans are one of the fashion staples you can find in almost every girl’s closet. But while they come in different sizes, colors and styles, not all cardigans will look flattering in certain body types or will compliment any type of outfits.

Fortunately, there are fashion tips that can help you wear cardigans in a stylish way. And below, I'm going to share to you three tips that I hope will be a big help to you.

This is the most common and classic type of cardigan. It’s also called the waist-length cardigan because it falls just below your waistline.

Cropped cardigans go well with fit-and-flare-style dresses or even with high-waist skirts. It can give you a look that is more relaxed and pretty. If you have somewhat like a beer belly, try not to wear it with a fitted top and pants. Otherwise, it'll draw attention to that area where you don't want to.

Oversized and Drapey Cardigan

As the name suggests, it’s loose-fitting and voluminous by nature. In this regard, this type of cardigan works best with nicely fitted garments such as a skinny pair of jeans or leggings. As much as possible, avoid matching it with loose fitting bottoms because it can make you look bulky.

Long Cardigan

For some of our fashion enthusiasts, they call this style as ‘boyfriend cardigan’. It ends mid-thigh or just below the butt. This outwear can go well with almost any outfit as long as your pants or skirt is slim-fitting. Long cardigans also look pretty with dresses or skirts of nearly the same length.

We still have other types of cardigan out there, but the list above is just my personal pick. If you have something to add, feel free to share your thoughts by leaving your comments below. I’m looking forward to hearing more styling tips from you. Until next time ladies. Happy styling!

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  1. Knowing these tips is probably useful especially now that it's fall in US where cardigans we're everywhere! Try to stood them up with these useful tips ladies!
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