Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lovemore Hand Mask Review

Hello Dazzlers, 
Today is treatment time <3 
I have Hand Mask from Lovemore (Taiwan company)

The packaging is so cute 
Honestly I'm packaging sucker <3 <3
They also have other mask (hair mask, foot mask
eye mask, nail mask) 
and the packagings are so adorable. 

Back of packaging;
ingredients list, how to use, etc.
Even tough it's Taiwan company 
but this hand mask is made in Korea 

It's quite big 
so if you have big hand I think you don't have to worry 
it's big enough <3 
and it have L and R sticker at the bottom 
for Left and Right 
and the sticker to stick at your wrist so it won't loosen up 

It's easy to use
just like gloves and leave it for 
20-30 minutes 
The scent quite pleasing 
I can smell honey...
(well, yeah this honey essence :p ) 

Before and After photo 
Wow, my hands look lots of whiter and brighter :D
What I love about this mask is moisture and not sticky 

I bought this mask from Cosmed 
when they have 1+1 event <3 

Have you tried hand mask before?
What is your favorite brand?

Thank you for reading 
C you on next post 



  1. lucu bangettt *w*
    belum pernah cobain hand/foot mask nih XD

    1. Cobain deh, enak loh for special treatment <3