Friday, October 24, 2014

Mermaid Nails

Hello Dazzlers,
TGIF <3, so lately I've been learning a lot about stamping nail and I found other method of doing stamping decals. (My usual method is here )

I learned my method from Lucy's Stash youtube, so this is my nails for this weekend

I still need more practices 
As you can see the cuticle part are not perfect 
lot's of missing point 
especially the pinky T.T

But It's okay, since this is my first attempt 
Next time will be better (hopefully) 

The difference within this method from my first method is
After coloring the image on stamper, we put one coat or top coat 
on our nail and wait till it soft dry (not too sticky) 
then we stamp the decal on stamper on our nails. 

I used: 
2. Moyou London Sailor Collection no 04 

Here's her video 

Hope you love it 
Thank you for reading 
C you on next post 



  1. Beautiful nails!
    Add me via GFC G+ Bloglovin. Let me know, Will add you back :)

  2. These nails look absolutely amazing! They're certainly perfect enough to me! This stamping thing sounds so good. Never heard of it before. Thanks for the nail tips! New follower xx

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Stamping nails quite fun, especially for someone who sucks at freehand paint (like I am)